Abby Watson

/ Official Hanger Outter, when not studying harder. 

BACKSTORY: I’m from Cleveland, Ohio where I grew up occasionally riding bikes with my parents. I really feel in love with cycling when my husband Greg and I moved to Portland in 2007. From there, bikes quickly became more than just my means of transportation; I started racing, got a job in the cycling industry and bikes became the focal point of my social life. In recent years, I’ve found myself less engrossed in cycling. I’ve opened myself up to new sports  and have found that while I may not be as fast as I once was on the bike, I love cycling just as much and have room to engage with the sport in new ways - like podcasting! 

Best WGTHO Thing: We get the opportunity to hang out with each other and our guests. We have some laughs, learn some stuff and share it with anyone who’s interested. 

For The Love Of Podcasts! I love listening to podcasts, so it seemed like a reasonable way to take that affinity to the next level. Podcasting has enabled us share stories and genuine moments that might not have been available otherwise. On a personal level, it’s made me challenge myself in new ways, because left to my own devices I can be a bit of an introvert. 

Person you MUST hang out with: Currently, professional skateboarder Nora Vasconcellos.

And sometimes you also: I work in finance for adidas and am going back to school to get my MBA. Nerd alert!

PDX LEVEL:  This past year, I felt next level PDX-y when we recorded a podcast on bike with Corin Tucker... That was awesome, and so Portland. In general, I'm pretty Portlandy, but with a sense of humor and some sarcasm.


MORE:  My mother-in-law says I'm a good little eater and I take that as a compliment.


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