Anna Grace Christiansen

//newly minted co-host stoked to help fill the gaps since Abby is a baller and got into GRAD SCHOOL.

BACKSTORY: I’m from rural Minnesota. I grew up almost entirely outside building forts, riding four wheelers and dirt bikes, doing anything I could to keep up with or outpace my brother, cousins, and neighbor boys. I was one of the younger ones, so it was sure a challenge at times, but I think it made me tougher. When I got a little older I got a horse and he became my everything, I showed him competitively in 4-H and the local circuit for many years. I played sports from the time I was young with absolute mediocrity. I studied Architecture and traveled in college. I graduated from the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities and moved to PDX when I was 24. This is where I found bike racing (or it found me?) and it brought me on an entirely unanticipated life track and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

WGTHO IS....  a casual environment breeds authentic storytelling.  One of my favorite things in the world is to hear the stories people tell and how they tell them, I never tire of it, I really feed off the energy of other people and I can really feel their energy through their stories.

PODCASTS ARE....  all the rage these days, they’ve really become an important part of how we consume culture, information, news, ideas, etc in our ever-shifting digital lives. They feel more intimate than other ways of consuming information and they necessarily and beautifully vary wildly from podcast to podcast. For example, you can listen to anything from a very serious political podcast to some hilarious and light podcast, and anything in between.  You also get to curate your input to what you need on any given time in your life or based on your mood or current interests. I love it and I place a lot of importance on it


WHEN NOT BEHIND THE MIC: Front end website stuff, specifically, I work in ecommerce and am focusing on user experience with a more long-term focus on digital product management. It’s all pretty new to me and my education is in Architecture, so it’s been a fun challenge to apply my design thinking and problem solving to digital space and I’m digging it.

YOUR PDX LEVEL: I’ve been accused of being very Portland on several occasions. A couple that come to mind are as follows;

  1. I ride my bike to the airport often to fly. When I was bike racing a lot, I would pack my race bike into its travel case and affix it to my surly bike trailer and pedal to the airport, park and lock my city bike and trailer, and haul my luggage and race bike onto the plane. I’ve also picked people up at the airport by bike, both on a tandem and also hauling them a bike on my bike trailer.

  2. Last year at team camp, I made us all save our compost (food scraps) so I could bring it back to Portland and save it from the trash.

  3. I like to snag herbs on romps through the city and stick them in my hair, lavender and rosemary are my top picks


  • I’m crazy about dogs

  • I have an affection for butter on almost all foods

  • I recently quit bike racing, it was a bit of a long term relationship

  • I’m addicted to finding the edge of reasonability, and pushing on it, in most areas of life

  • I sometimes use too many commas

  • Maybe this belief is helpful, not sure if it’s really a bio thing ---> I believe we all experience and feel things very similarly, even though they feel so intimate and unique to us as individuals. I find beauty and meaning in this id a, it speaks to our humanness and makes the chaos of the world necessary and manageable, even when things seem entirely fucked. Empathy is powerful, levity is necessary. Humor can help cure the most profoundly painful things. I think these ideas have a lot to do with what I find so appealing about storytelling, we’re able to connect to people by listening carefully, what could be better?

  • Like Abby, I’ve also been called a ‘good eater’ and it feels like a compliment


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