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Annalisa Fish

//editor and producer of stuff

BACKGROUND: I grew up in a tiny town in NW Washington.  I played basketball through college and then went to Physical Therapy school. During my time in Austin, TX I  found cycling and a wonderful community.  Soon thereafter I started a cycling focused Physical Therapy clinic in found myself in Portland, OR.  Now I’m going through my punk phase :)

Why WGTHO:  It's an excuse to hang out, really. It's how the show began.  It has since evolved as an excuse to hang out with each other and meet other people who we find to be inspiring and that are doing cool shit for the local community and beyond.  It has forced me to get out of my own comfort zone and feel a larger sense of purpose outside of my every day. 

What do you love of PodCasts: I think it allows us to share the experience with the listener.  They have their earbuds in and can imagine sitting with us because the environment is so casual.  It takes the pressure off of appearances, it feels real and genuine.  I love podcasts because I am a multitasker - I love a good distraction from the mundane. 

Best Guest: I’ve loved all our guests.  But I mean, last year we kinda nailed it Corin Tucker and Fred Armisen.  But if i’m being completely honest with myself I’d love to hang with Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss, the other two members of Sleater-Kinney.  Carrie kind of terrifies me though, her vocabulary is so vast, i’d have to have a dictionary on hand. 

When not on the mic:   I own a business in NE Portland called Endurance PDX.  We are a physical therapy clinic that specializes in working with active individuals and provide bike fit services.  It’s pretty rad. 


I have an adorable husband, as well as a dog and cat.  I’m definitely a cat person.

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