We've spent over a decade riding, racing, adventuring and working in the bike industry. Along the way, we’ve come to realize that cycling’s biggest rewards come from the relationships we’ve built and how much we can make fun of ourselves while sharing these experiences. What started as a silly project to make us laugh and have a standing weekly gathering has turned into something bigger than ourselves.  Our goal is to tell stories that you tell when you're just hanging out. It’s a casual kickback and chat while we sip on drinks, ride bikes, eat snacks, make chess moves and cut cheese.  In our minds, a casual environment breeds authentic storytelling and that all we can ask for in our podcast.  So let's hangout and see what develops!  

Annalisa Fish

HAILING from the tiny town of Blaine, WA And goddamn proud of her PNW roots, ANnalisA is not just a cyclist, she's rumored to hold her own on the basketball court and can sorta play the drums. She's a Physical Therapist and bike fitter who owns a practice in Portland called Endurance PDX. She produces and edits this stuff. Some may describe her as excessively moderate, but is that really true?

Abby Watson

Originally from the cool town of Cleveland, Abby doesn't know how to play ball sports, but she does know how to ride bikes and occasionally run ultra marathons. She is highly susceptible to peer pressure and will likely agree to ridiculous plans involving food and/or adventure if asked more than twice. She’s really good at spreadsheets and is getting her MBA. Some may describe her as moderately excessive.

Anna Grace Christiansen

from Grand Rapids, MN, AKA AS somewhere in the middle of the continenT, AGC likes to ride bikes, flail on her skate skis, and run through the forest. She’ll say yes to almost anything and has been known to spend 10 hours screen printing one shirt if she likes you a lot. She makes websites better as her normal job and is obsessed with butter and nice paper. She may be commonly described as excessively excessive.

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Becca Schepps

RESIDING in colorado, bECCA IS 100% JERSEY AT HEART. BORN AND RAISED in Central Jersey, yes that's a place and it's not north or south, She has an irrational fear of fish. SHE EXCELS AT sportS that requires you to sit or lay down to play it: cycling, rowing, swimming, & probably luge, skeleton and boblsed too. She is really bad at boredom, which is how she ended up now working for WGTHO AS Their online web person and doer of some things and stuff.