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Dave Aldersebaes aka Captain!

Episode 55

Oh hey! We’re back for this spicy episode with Dave Aldersebaes. He is the quiet orchestrator of one of Portland’s longest-running racing teams and has been a steady mentor for many racers throughout their journeys. His passion for and knowledge of the sport paired with his uncanny ability to bring people together with some combination of astute leadership savvy and pure magic has created the epitome of what we all desire and need as humans - real connection and community. He has a talent for teaching the pure essence of road racing as well. What’s the secret? Have a listen to find out :)

Tyler Hamilton at Pas Normal Studios

Episode 54

The connection to Tyler was made in a way that we love most about our local and extended cycling community; a friend of a friend reached out with the idea, and we embraced the opportunity. The stories that Tyler is a large part of have undeniably impacted the image of bike racing and cycling culture - the rise and fall of great American athletes. Wherever you, as our listener, fall in opinion on the hot-button issues of doping in the Postal Service era and beyond, we hope you enjoy this episode where we get a glimpse into the real emotion and experience of one human. What’s it like to fall from grace and how does it change the things one values? What is Tyler up to now? Have a listen and find out.

*Apologies for some digital hash on Barb's mic!*

**Thanks Dylan W. for helping out with some new production techniques!

Photo: Andy Bokanev for Pas Normal Studios

Bobbie Endo of Endo Customs

Episode 53

Bobby Endo! Bobby is interested in making wonderful clothing that helps tell thoughtful stories in cycling. Coming from a fashion background in LA, he made his way to the custom kit world by happenstance and has stayed true to the things he finds most important. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about Bobby and hanging out at Golden Cycle Saddlery, grab a headphone have a listen! We've got Kyle Kelley co-hosting with one!

Edie Perkins!

Episode 52

We had the absolute pleasure of hanging out with Edie Perkins at Golden Saddle Cyclery during our recent visit. Edie moved to LA in 2016 and entirely fell in love with the road cycling there, logging 300 miles a week on average. In the spring of 2017, there was an accident that changed everything about her life in an instant. Edie is a true super hero in her tenacity and openness about the event and her adaptation, both physically and emotionally, since that day. Her story, ongoing and inspiring, beautifully articulates the thing we all love and hold dear about our communities; the sheer humanness that unfolds when all the superficial bullshit is stripped away and we’re vulnerable and need help. Grab a tissue and hug a loved one close, this episode is magic. 

So much gratitude, respect, and admiration for you, Edie Perkins. Thank you SO MUCH for hanging out (and going to the club) with us, it was a true pleasure.

Ira & Tony of Breadwinner Cycles

Episode 51

We got the legendary duo of Breadwinner Cycles together for a hang session. Ira Ryan and Tony Pereira share the tale of how they met and the series of events that led them to collaborate on what has become a cornerstone of the Portland cycling scene and frame building world. Their bikes are beautifully built and their cafe is serving up some of the best snacks and coffee in town (complete with a cool view into their workshop). Have a listen, we loved hanging out with these two wonderful humans and friends! p.s. Order a bike here:

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Rapha Five x Five: Intervals on Design

Episode 50

On January 25, 2019 Annalisa flew to Rapha Los Angeles to moderate the most recent edition of Five X Five: Intervals on Design. Featuring five bike framebuilders, Tom Ritchey (Ritchey Logic), Aaron Stinner (Stinner Frameworks), Sam Pickman (Allied Cycle Works), John Caletti (Caletti Cycles) and Hern Montenegro (Montenegro MFG). This panel was dedicated to the importance of materials, technology, and experience in frame building. The audience heard from industry leaders about topics ranging from fork design to business operations. We hope you enjoy, no edits on this one!

Tayler Wiles and Olivia Dillon

Episode 49

We hit the road to hang out with Tayler Wiles and Olivia Dillon in their Fairfax home. These humans are independently amazing and remarkable, but we maximized our REAL LIFE hang time and sat down all together for this one. Since AG is a hopeless romantic, she made sure to get the scoop on one of her favorite love stories of all time. We also deliver an inside look at the coolest, newest women’s team on the world stage. Wiles is one of the best cyclists of our current time and Olivia, while retired from a stunning road career, is as fit as ever and continues her cycling journey working in the industry and crushing that gravel scene hotness. Have a listen to get a view into the glamour and balance of life as a real power couple in cycling.


Episode 48

Hanging out with Nam (@goodolenam) is a real treat! This episode is packed with gems and insights. She graciously shared with (and gently educated) us about her life as a Tibetan American, activist, adventure cyclist, eco-feminist, essential oil enthusiast, and more. We explore the idea of home, what motivates Nam to hone her skills and speed as a cyclist, and her profound experience at the first annual WTF Bikexplorers Summit. She even shares her tried and true method for keeping your skin happy while spending day after day in the saddle!

Adam Sklar of Sklar Bikes

Episode 47

This episode features Adam Sklar (aka Baby Sklar) of Sklar Bikes out of Bozeman, Montana. Also featuring 3rd string backup co-host Corey Fish (Annalisa's husband).  We talk curved top tubes, custom bikes, dangle bongs, and life as a baby frame builder.  We think you’ll dig it! IG @sklarbikes

Daniel Wakefield Pasley of Mythical State Of

Episode 46

We got to hang out with Daniel Wakefield Pasley of @manualforspeed, and @mythicalstateof. We talked way too much and Barb (aka Annalisa) worked some magic to get this one down to a digestible length for your listening pleasure. We covered a lot, such as the Rapha Continental, Peter Sagan, bike euphoria, women's cycling and road vs./+ gravel vs./+ mountain etc. Enjoy this episode!   Side note: We miss @abbywatson, but can confirm that she is thriving. Side side note: Here is the referenced Peter Sagan video --…th-peter-sagan/

Rudi Jung of Black Magic Paint

Episode 45

On this episode we hang with Rudi Jung of Black Magic Paint.  A couple years ago Rudi had a life changing accident where he lost function of his right arm.  The process of painting has changed for Rudi, but his work hasn’t.  Listen in to hear the story of this straight edge badass and wonderful human.  Thanks Rudi! 

Kyle Russ from Trek Bikes

Episode 44

Whaaaaat, WGTHO is back with a trip to Waterloo, WI to visit our friends at Trek. Emily Bremer joins us as we talk with Kyle Russ, Biomechanical Engineer at Trek. We discuss his path to one of the coolest jobs in the industry and what he eats for his pre-race meals. Some other stuff too ;) This special episode is released on the eve of the Telenet UCI Cyclo-Cross race, a World Cup cyclocross event on Trek’s campus in Waterloo, WI.

Jen Kriske of Machines For Freedom

Episode 43

We got to hang out with Jenn Kriske of @machinesforfreedom shortly after the news dropped of their partnership with Specialized earlier this month. She gave us a cool glimpse into the brand that has intentionally broken down the stereotypes around body image, gender, and age in cycling. Have a listen to the history of this women-run business and what is coming up for them next!



Becca Schepps

Episode 42

We're back and all three of us in one episode! We talked to one of the most creative people we know, Becca Schepps of Boulder, CO back in March while she was visiting Portland en route to LA Sweat team camp. We discuss bikes, branding, fashion and one of her many jobs as owner of Mortal Kombucha. You don't want to miss this episode! Thanks for hanging out, Becca! xo

Jolene Holland

Episode 41

We got to hang out with the creator of @ultraviolet racing, @joleneholland. She is ubiquitous with Austin racing and also just earned her graduate degree in Community and Regional planning and is focusing her work on bike transportation planning. Jolene embodies inclusivity & positivity, and her enthusiasm for women in sport is infectious. We’re pretty sure you’ll be able to hear her smile on this pod!

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Russell Pickavance


We got to hang out with Austin’s very own Russell Pickavance. He’s the owner of @cycleast - a cool, inclusive bike shop sharing a space with @fasttrack coffee (pro tip: you can get breakfast tacos before your ride!). Russell tells us about his previous nomadic life filled with poetry and philosophy; and about his passion for creating meaningful community space through bikes.


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Ian Dille - FloBikes


We sat down with Ian Dille at his Flo studio in Austin, Texas just after SXSW.  It's a great conversation where we discuss Flo, deals in bike racing and Portland's #4 ranking in Bicycling's Best Bike Cities. Gasp! Check out and subscribe to as they just announced they are broadcasting the Giro! We finally have access to a channel stateside where we can legitimately watch bike races!


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Jen Whalen - The California Girl (by way of other places)


We Got to Hang Out with LA’s own Jen Whalen (@jennysayyes) at Golden Saddle Cyclery. We talk about the good stuff; California Girls, riding her bike across the country, libido, comedy and her current relationship with bikes. Bonus sound bites by Kyle Kelley and friends.  Thanks Jen, we think you're pretty radical. Special thanks to Free Public Wines ( for the special delivery all the way down to Los Angeles. That little can of goodness fits perfectly in a jersey pocket :) 

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Ted King - Live from SXSW!


The unedited, live version of our time on stage at SXSW! Join us as we chat with Ted King, to learn about his path to becoming a world tour professional cyclist, discuss his love for maple syrup and his business, Untapped. We are long time fans of Ted King and love that we got to talk adventures in food, cycling and the culture that surrounds it!

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Leah Benson of Gladys Bikes
& Erik Tonkin of Sellwood Cycle Repair


Listen in to hear Leah Benson of Gladys Bikes and Erik Tonkin of Sellwood Cycle Repair discuss topics such as business, bikes, feminism and inclusivity.  Meanwhile, Annalisa attempts to keep them on task.  Enjoy this episode and thanks for hanging out!

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JoAnn Schinderle - Funniest Comedian Ever


JoAnn Schinderle joins us for this episode to discuss her path to stand up comedy, the culture of comedy in Portland and her own observations of what it's like to be a stand up comedian. She was named Portland’s Funniest by the Willamette Week in 2017 and a finalist at Portland's Funniest Person's Contest hosted by Helium Comedy Club in 2017. Go see her show, Control Yourself at the Alberta Street Pub every Sunday night!
Thanks JoAnn <3

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Jace Krause of FRIED EGG I'M IN LOVE


Jace is the owner and co-founder of Fried Egg I'm in Love.  One may argue it's the best breakfast cart in PDX, so be sure and check it out.  We talk business, music and cart life.  It's not bikes *gasp*!

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What a pleasure it was to talk with our friend, Jude, owner of Sugar Wheel Works.  She is a master of her craft and makes beautiful hand-built wheels here in Portland.  A great conversation you don't want to miss!  We love you and what you do, Jude!

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Rhys Newman of OMATA


Welcome to Season 2! During a recent trip to San Fransisco, Annalisa met up with Rhys Newman, co-founder of OMATA. It was great to learn about the new product and to hear Rhys' thoughts on bikes, analog vs. digital, and music. Spoiler alert, he digs minivans! Check out their website and pre-order yours! 

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Welcome Anna Grace Christiansen


Mixed emotions heading into 2018!  Abby got accepted into graduate school, so we unfortunately won’t hear her lovely voice quite as much. However, we’re super stoked for her as she takes on this new challenge and support her 100%!  We’ll be bringing on some new hosts to join the podcast, including Anna Grace Christiansen who we intro in this episode. AGC is an accomplished cyclist and full of witty banter. Warning: a lot of 4-H talk in this episode, I could only edit so much! Look for us in the New Year with a new look, new content and Season 2 of the pod.

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Kelli Samuelson and LA SWEAT


It’s episode #30!!! We recorded this back in September when it was still beautiful outside and rain felt like a novelty after a hot summer.  We talk with Kelli Samuelson of LA Sweat about her role in women’s cycling, injury and social media.  

We also play a little hoops.  Have a listen and enjoy!


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Clara Honsinger (Team S&M CX)


After a few weeks off, we’re back with an interview with Clara Honsinger, a professional cyclocross racer who recently got a Silver Medal at U23 Pan Am Championships.  She’s had a breakout season this year while riding at the Elite level for Team S & M out of Portland, OR. Keep your eyes out for this one!


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SRAM (Kate Powilson & Dan Stefiuk)


First off, it’s a banter you don’t want to miss — Abby talks studying and mini horses and Anna rehashes her time backstage at the Sleater-Kinney concert.

This episode Anna talks with Kate and Dan at the SRAM headquarters in Chicago.  We talk a lot of bullshit, but there’s some gems in there…like how do you feel about disc brakes, where did the name ‘blips’ come from and what is the direction of cycling?

Go to to see some photos from the trip; they complete the story!

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Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney, Filthy Friends)


Mixed emotions heading into 2018!  Abby got accepted into graduate school, so we unfortunately won’t hear her lovely voice quite as much. However, we’re super stoked for her as she takes on this new challenge and support her 100%!  We’ll be bringing on some new hosts to join the podcast, including Anna Grace Christiansen who we intro in this episode. AGC is an accomplished cyclist and full of witty banter. Warning: a lot of 4-H talk in this episode, I could only edit so much! Look for us in the New Year with a new look, new content and Season 2 of the pod.



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Sarah Swallow


This week’s episode features bike packing and vanlife aficionado Sarah Swallow! Sarah spoke to us from East Coast while eating a mid-ride pizza snack and preparing for one of her awe inspiring adventures. Check out her webpage:

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Walton Brush talks MASH and Water Bottles and Pockets!


This week on We Got To Hang Out we interviewed Portland cyclist Walton Brush. Walton is both a talented cyclist and exceptionally nice dude. He’s ridden the Tour of California route on a fixed gear (wtf?!), been on the podium at elite nationals and is a big proponent of pockets on bib shorts (


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Andrew Willis Talks ATX and The Driveway Series (Part 2)

EPISODE 17 (and 16 linked below)

Part 2!  Sorry to leave y’all hanging but trust me, it was worth the wait! /// A few weeks back, Annalisa got to chat with Andrew Willis at Mellow Johnny’s in Austin, Texas.  Andrew is co-owner of the Driveway Series and Holland Racing along with his wife, Holly. We enjoyed the chat so much we had to break it into two episodes.  We talk about the ever so popular Driveway Series, work/life balance and Ultra Cycling.


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Ellen Noble Talks Tricks


This week’s podcast is all Ellen Noble! We talk with her about bikes, internet trolls, cartwheels and much more.  Listen in to hear all the badassery that is Ellen <3.


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We Got To Hang Out (with Kyle Kelley)


What a weekend with Golden Saddle Cyclery in Los Angeles, California!  We got to talk with Kyle Kelley, co-owner of the iconic LA bike shop.  Listen in as we discuss everything Golden SaddleRing Tail and The Club.

Big thank you to Jace Krause, for our new music.  Support our friends…check out his band — Fort Union and his food cart — Fried Egg, I’m in Love. We are part of the Wide Angle Podium Network of podcasts.  Check out the webpage where you can find ours as well as many other great podcasts.  Sponsor us if you wish!

*We do have permission for use of the song by Rizzo included in this podcast from band member, Jen Abercrombie. Long live Rizzo.


We Got To Hang Out (with chef Seamus Mullen)


After a week break from publishing a podcast, we are back at it with NYC chef, Seamus Mullen.  He is an avid cyclist with an incredible story about how he overcame an autoimmune disease through diet and the bike.  This might be our most informative episode yet.  Also, what color is your bathrobe?

We Got To Hang Out (with Julie Krasniak)


Julie Krasniak is a 12 time French National Champion across multiple cycling disciplines and the co-owner of The Athletic Community here in Portland, OR. During this podcast we hang out and talk bikes, cartwheels, business, and friendship.

We Got To Hang Out (with Beth Ann Orton)


Abby and Annalisa hang out with Beth Ann Orton of Hagens Berman Supermint. They talk racing in Australia and eating oranges.

Wild Fang's Emma Mcilroy *SWOON* 


Emma Mcilroy, founder and CEO of Wildfang, is a total hero of ours. We’re stoked that she agreed to hang out with us to share her story and drink some bubbly. If you haven’t already done so, also listen to her TED Talk and check out @wearewildfang, Thank you for everything you do Emma & Wildfang — in our PDX community and beyond!



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Our Mother The Mountain (


A few weeks back, we had the opportunity to ride bikes with the fine folks from Our Mother The Mountain (OMTM). They took us on some great gravel roads Northwest of town and made us a sweet playlist to accompany it. We talk bikes and punk rock — trust us, these guys are the coolest! Have a listen and then check out their website ( where they share fantastic routes and encourage others to join them at one of their scheduled rides.

Dixie Mountain Rambler Summertime Power Pop Mixtape:


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Mike Ferrentino


This episode we have an impromptu chat with Mike Ferrentino, a journalist for Bike Magazine and the popular column, The Grimy Handshake.  Go check it out! 


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Rapha Cycle Club w Anne-Marije Rook & Aaron Erbeck


A couple weeks ago we made the trip to Seattle to talk with Anne-Marije Rook of Ella Cycling Tips and Aaron Erbeck who was one of the first members of the Rapha Continental. We recorded this episode live in the Seattle Rapha Clubhouse following a ride with an amazing number of new friends and some truly delicious biscuits and mimosas.

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Jocelyn Quarrell of The Ramble Ride


Jocelyn Quarrell (@joceygaudi) wears many hats in the Portland bike community and beyond. She is the founder of the Komorebi Cycling Team ( and has been at the forefront of bikepacking with a specific focus on getting women in the backcountry on bikes.  We talk through preparation for the upcoming Oregon Ramble Ride ( which we will be participating in.  

Click the link and sign up to ride with us!

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We Got To Hang Out (with John Watson i.e. Prolly)


We got to hang out with the infamous John Watson of The Radavist.  Listen in as we get some real talk about bike, cars and the internet.  Need we say more?


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We Got To Hang Out (with Rebecca Gates)


We would hang out with Rebecca Gates everyday if we could.  She is a musician, artist, cyclist and overall rad human.  Go to her website ( to learn more about what she’s up to.  You can also follow her on Instagram @parcematone. Thanks for listening!



We Got To Hang Out (with Katie FRICKING Compton!)


You guys…we got to interview Katie Compton! She gives us a glimpse into her life as the most dominant US cyclocross racer. She reveals that she is a huge procrastinator, loves fast cars, and that working side by side with your spouse isn’t so bad as long as they don’t half wheel. Listen in, you’ll be stoked you did!

We Got To Hang Out (with Trek’s Emily Bremer)


Listen in as we hang out with Trek employee, Emily Bremer about women’s cycling, the ‘Alaskan outback’ and Hollandaise sauce.

Fred Armisen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Uhhh..... Does he need an intro? 

We got to hang out with Fred Fricking Armisen and discuss Portland(ia), Freds, SNL, S-K and fight over the location of OG Stumptown.


Best Day Ever.

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Sacha White of The Vanilla Workshop


This week on We Got To Hang Out we talk with Sacha White of Vanilla, Speedvagen and Coat Paint Shop, collectively know as The Vanilla Workshop. Sacha shares stories about growing the business and getting involved with racing legends like one of our favorites, Tina Brubaker! Website: IG: @thevanillaworkshop




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Our Ramble Ride Adventure!


Ramble Ride stole our hearts! Learn why on this week’s episode featuring mid ride conversations with Team Today members Sharon Sandoval and Jocelyn Quarell, illustrator Chris McNally and ride organizer Peter Discoe.

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Kelton Wright (on Wildfang & Phoebe Robinson)

MINISODE!!!!!!! 1

We interrupt your week for this…

Earlier this week, Wildfang reposted a photo of our lovely friend Kelton Wright in a sweet floral pantsuit riding her bike in some baller Oakley’s. That alone was super cool, but then we got word that none other than Phoebe Robinson of 2 Dope Queens hit like on that photo! Well, that blew our minds and we got Kelton on the phone for an emergency minisode to hear how it all went down.

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Lentine Alexis


We got to hang out with Lentine Alexis, accomplished chef, cyclist and former pro triathlete.  Listen in as we talk about large quantities of Rose`, fanny packs and her previous life as an aspiring spy — yep you read that right.



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We Got To Hang Out (with friends at Sea Otter)


This week on We Got To Hang Out we jumped in Annalisa’s minivan and drove to Sea Otter for a weekend of riding bikes, hanging out with friends, getting moderately sunburnt and asking folks about their cartwheel skills (stay tuned for more on this cartwheel nonsense later in the week). Special guests include Alex Applegate, Mal Burda, Molly Hurford, Bud Reeder and Courtenay McFadden. 

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We Got To Hang Out (with Jacob Rathe)


Jacob Rathe joins us on the podcast for some whiskey and some solid hang out time. He is a professional cyclist for Jelly Belly Pro Cycling and product designer for a new lightweight, secure bike lock, the OttoLock. Born and raised in Portland, OR he has pretty much lived here in Portland longer than anyone else.  Enjoy the episode!



We Got To Hang Out (with Meredith Miller)


In this episode we get to talk with US cycling icon, Meredith Miller! Over a couple of cocktails, she tells us how inadvertently killing a snake led her to a national championship on the road and how to find the best kouign-amann in Boulder(we’re still not sure this is a real thing…).

We Got To Hang Out (with Jen Abercrombie)


We mess up the audio and somehow manage to salvage the episode. Listen in as we hang out with our friend, Jen from LA. She makes cool shit, including the infamous ‘No Garmin, No Rules’ stickers. Learn more about her at