The Magic Is In The Merch!

Wanna show your love for WGTHO? What better way than MERCH?! I mean seriously, sure, right now these totally hideous-slash-awesome sneakers are all the rage (more about that later, but just do a quick google search of Balenciaga Sneakers and you can see what we're talking about), but what's more the rage, in our humble opinions is carrying around super sick WGTHO Merch! So check out some practical and totally sensible, and absolutely useful shwag that'll brighten your day and show that you like to hang out! Here's just a few of the items we have to offer. 


Cozy up in a classic sweatshirt . And psst we also have a slouchy one too, and t-shirts and stuff that you can also wear on your body. 

Or carry this Sensible Tote around town, and be known not only as super hip, but eco-conscious when you use it to bag your groceries.  

And you see this mug is super down to hang out with you for morning coffee, afternoon tea, happy hour bourbon, late night ice cream snack, or any other time, really. You can choose because you're autonomous and you probably have a good imagination. 

So get on it. And stop thinking about crazy overpriced, but super dope sneakers. You're not a Kardashian, but if you are, we think you too should totally slip on a WGTHO classic sweatshirt



Becca Schepps