The dilly on Ian Dille's FloBikes

You've obviously listened to the pod with senior editor Ian Dille, that said, here's the dilly on FloBikes. You see, FloBikes is a website that live streams bike races, and provides day to day and in-depth coverage of the sport.

The site launched in the fall of 2017 with a robust schedule of top Belgian cyclocross races. In April, Flobikes announced it will live stream the 2018 Giro d’Italia in North America, WHAT?! Yes, the 2018 Giro streamed on Flo Bikes in the U, S of A! FloBikes will also stream a number of men’s and women’s WorldTour road races.

But FloBikes domination won't stop there. In 2019, Flobikes will broadcast Milan Sanremo and the Tour of Flanders in the U.S. and Canada. Finally, amirite?!

Below is a picture of how much Ian Dille made AGC and Annlisa laugh. He's got the LOLs. 

Becca Schepps