Portland Visits The Sunny Places Of Earth! (LA & Austin)

Portland you rule. But sometimes we gotta hit the road and visit the sun. That said, we've been traveling around quite a bit. LA ✓  Austin ✓ Solveng ✓ Phoenix ✓ . You name it, we're down to hang there. But seriously the best part is connecting and learning about some really amazing people. So yup, March was filled with traveling and a lot of pods. Here's a quick recap, and lots of photos of what we've been up to. 

Photo Mar 03, 4 15 30 PM.jpg

We went to LA and got to hang with one of our faves, Kyle Kelley (listen to his episode on the first season) and met Jen Whalen (listen to her make us rotflololololol). 

Then we rode around a bunch, did some bike fits, talked, drank bougie coffee, and you know, all that other LA stuff, minus botox. 

Next up with headed to SxSW, which was seriously such an honor. We got to ride with some awesome people. 

Then it was off to SxSW for more sunny days. We were so incredibly honored to have a panel where we got to interview the one and only Ted King (listen to the unedited LIVE version). Got to record some upcoming episodes with some fantastic folks. And got to tool around Austin with some of our new favorite people. 

And now for some photos of us..... 

Becca Schepps