The goods

We’re Annalisa Fish and Abby Watson, two Portland, OR based friends who love to ride bikes and hang out. We’ve both spent the better part of a decade riding, racing, adventuring and working in the bike industry. Along the way, we’ve come to realize that cycling’s biggest rewards haven’t come from race results, but from the relationships we’ve built and experiences we’ve shared.

We started a podcast as an incentive to hang out and interview friends, cyclists, bike racers and whoever else strikes our fancy. We also felt there was a hole in the cycling storytelling landscape. There are lot of watts, calories and how-to’s and we’re all about celebrating adventure and sharing experiences with friends. Fueled on enthusiasm and moderate whiskey consumption, we record and produce our podcast from Annalisa’s living room and are learning as we go. So far, the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive and we are really excited to keep building momentum. Our focus is primarily cycling, but we dream of being able to interview other heroes (like literally any member of Sleater-Kinney).

All episodes available on SoundCloud or iTunes