What started as a silly project to get us laughing and hanging out with people who we wanna hang out with has turned into something bigger. Have questions or ideas? Want to tell us something? Drop us a line.

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PSSSSSSSSST.... wanna just help us out and keep this thing going?  Donate $5 or $10 and we'll send you a WGTHO sticker, donate $20+ and we’ll send a WGTHO patch!


With over 65k listens this year so far (and growing), your message/product/service will without a doubt, be heard! For advertising and business inquiries, like say you want to become an official sponsor of our pod, just fill out the form on the left. And below are some of the ways you can work with us:



We're currently offering 20-30 second advertisements on our show related to bikes, music, rosé, etc.  Serious inquiries only please! 



We do a lot of different types of hanging out, which can take many forms.  If you have a product that would enhance or facilitate the hang out experience, ahem, rosé, or sports, or music, drop us a line. We are all for trying new things with fun people.  



We want to provide the listener with an experience that is more than just a conversation and that can only happen with quality audio.  What we have now works pretty well, but it can always get better, right?