work with us.

We said this before, but we'll say it again...

What started as a silly project to make us laugh and have a standing weekly gathering has turned into something bigger than ourselves.  Our goal is to tell stories that we don't hear in mainstream media.  The format is a casual hangout -- because we all know a casual environment breeds authentic storytelling.  So what you say, join us?




A 20-30 second advertisement on our show related to bikes, music, rosé, etc.  We'd like it to be relevant to the theme, so serious inquiries only please!  Episodes are released bi-weekly.  With over 65k listens this year so far (and growing), your message/product/service will without a doubt, be heard!

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We do a lot of different types of hanging out, which can take many forms.  If you have a product that would enhance or facilitate our experience, we want to hear about it.  Ahem, rosé.  Or sports.  Or music.  We are all for trying new things with fun people.  



As we start to travel more, meet more people, the need for better and more equipment grows.  We want to provide the listener with an experience that is more than just a conversation.  That can only happen with quality audio.  What we have now works pretty well, but we can always get better right? 



This is new for us and something that has been on our radar.  Do you have a panel discussion that needs to be moderated or a show to be emcee'd? Let us know, we have the ability to edit and record as well.  We are happy to discuss your needs to see if we'd be a good fit.  Nothing too formal, we're far too silly and that simply can't change. 

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